Slodog slow feeder bowl

Slodog slow feeder bowl


SloDog is a unique approach to slow feeding or anti gulping. By changing from a bowl to a plate a much bigger surface area is available to the feeding dog. All food is in plain sight and does not have to be chased so avoiding frustration. Industripet simply designed a device that splits the meal into multi mini meals by spreading the measure into lots of small shallow pockets. The dog simply eats one mini meal at a time. If the dog tries to eat from two pockets at a time the food just falls from the dog’s open mouth.

With its unique design the SloDog invention is logical and simple. It is specially designed for relaxed no-stress feed time. The testing has shown that SloDog can slow the dog’s feeding down from a few seconds to MANY minutes!


  • Suitable for all up to 2 cups/ 500ml. Best with dry food

  • Size 35 x 26 cm/14" x 10"

  • Made from food grade PP

    Our toys are sturdy and fit for purpose but not indestructible.Please supervise your dog when using this toy

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