Kitty Foraging Starter Box

Kitty Foraging Starter Box


Kitty Foraging Starter Box

This box is for both cat and kittens and is designed to get your kitty foraging for it’s food.

Problem or undesirable behaviours can stem from boredom, stress and frustration. Moving house, having visitors or new additions to the family can all be stressful while on the other hand an environment with no enrichment day in day out can lead to frustration.

Teaching our cats to forage for their food instead of free feeding improves quality of life and helps keep the weight down too!

The toys in this box are easy and fun and help your kitty learn to forage while keeping frustration levels low.

Included in this box are:

  • A Sticky fish for wet food smearables

  • A treat dispensing mouse with fabric outer -great for cats claws to throw around!

  • A Busy Buddy Twist and Treat

  • Treats and other goodies

  • Access to our in house video tutorials and inspiration page on how to get the most out of your toys and tools.

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