Mouse Foraging Kit for Kitties!!

Mouse Foraging Kit for Kitties!!


Mouse Foraging Kit

These Mice are a great way to get your cats foraging for their food!

They are plastic with a fabric outer which engages your cats claws with the toy. This sparks natural play behaviour and your cat pushes, swipes and picks up and throws the mouse around.

Once your cat has gotten the hang of how to get the treats out you can then fill each mouse and place them around the house for your cat to find while you are at work!

This switches on their natural hunting behaviour and science has shown this to have wonderful benefits for their emotional wellbeing.

So if your cat is overweight, or is in need of more mental stimulation then this kit is going to spark some joy with them!

The kit includes:

  • 3 mouse toys with fabric outer

  • 1 naked mouse incase you step on one or your cats throw it from a great height and break it!

  • 1 scoop

  • Access to our inhouse video tutorial on how to get the most from your Mouse Foraging kit!

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