Vet Services SloDog Pack

Vet Services SloDog Pack


We have put together this pack to help the team at RSPCA Qld Wacol shelter reach their goal of replacing all the bowls in their vet block with SloDog slow feeder plates

The team there have been implementing some excellent enrichment routines and see the benefits of the SloDog feeders and how well they will fit with the needs of their patients.

These feeders have a large surface area designed to slow down feeding without frustration and encourage licking which is a calm and soothing action for the animals. They are sturdy, easy to clean, easy to wash and store!

This pack includes 2 Slodog feeder plates and 2 tins of Ziwipeak.

The process is simple..

You purchase the pack, add your message to the team at the vet hospital and we will organise delivery and photos of some of their patients enjoying your gift!

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