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Toys and tools to enrich and calm your critterz


Crazy Critterz Toy Box Favourites


Curious Canine Subscription

Spoil your fur-baby with a Crazy Critterz Toy Box Curious Canine Subscription!

Each box contains toys, tools and treats all handpicked by Miss Seven to inspire, educate and engage your canine critterz in play. These boxes are designed to help build your dog’s skills, providing new challenges with each box.

Each box will contain:

  •  1 handpicked enrichment toy

  • 1 snuggly plush toy

  • Treats

  • Other goodies  

These boxes come with exclusive links to our in-house produced online tutorials on how to get the most out of your toys.

Puppy Starter Box

Get your new dog off to a head start with positive enrichment to help them learn and build new skills!

This box has been put together to help your puppy get started on enrichment with some basic toys. These toys are easy to use and help build your pup’s skills and coordination without frustration.

These items can be used both at home or prepared and taken with you to puppy classes.

A well structured puppy class will have active learning times and times when your puppy will need to be learning calm and enrichment is a great way to do this.

Included in this box is :

  • A puppy Kong designed to be used up to 6 months old

  • A Licky Sticky Triangle

  • A TPR Foam Tough Chewy Treat Ring

  • A Tug Rope made of soft flexible material which is good for growing teeth.

  • Treats and goodies

  • Access to our in house video tutorials and inspiration page to help you get the most out of your toys and tools

Rehab, Rest and Recover Box

Help your dog get back on his feet with this specially designed box to assist in recovery or provide enrichment for older, less mobile dogs.

The toys in this box are handpicked by Miss Seven in consultation with Orthopaedic Veterinary Surgeons and will keep your dog mentally stimulated whilst they are limited in mobility during crucial recovery periods. This box is also great to keep the minds active in your more ‘senior’, less mobile dogs.

This box includes:

  •   A specialized foraging mat to hide treats and treasures in to keep your dog’s nose stimulated during down time.

  • 2 different styles of licking mats to encourage calm time. These can also be used during physio manipulations or vet visits to create a positive association with these procedures.

  • 2 food enrichment toys to stuff your dog’s favourite meal in to keep them occupied at meal time.

  • Treats & other goodies

  • Exclusive link to our in-house produced online tutorials on how to get the most out of your toys

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