Zylkene Capsules

Zylkene Capsules

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Zylkene is a complimentary feed for cats and dogs that contains a natural product derived from casein, a protein in milk. It is a molecule well known to promote the relaxation of newborns after breastfeeding. Since its launch Zylkene has become a familiar product for veterinarians, behaviourists, nurses and pet owners world wide.

It helps pets cope when facing unusual and unpredictable situations and can be used before occasions such as a change in their normal environment.  

Zylkene is palatable to cats and dogs and easy to give: simply mix with food or give the whole capsule. It can be given daily and is both preservative and lactose free. 

Zylkene can help support dogs and cats in situations where they find they need to adapt their behaviour to cope. These can include kennel and cattery stays, moving house, the arrival of a new pet or baby, sudden noises such as fireworks, travel, trips to the vet (if this normally bothers them) or festivities.

Dosage Guide:

Cats and Dogs

Zylkene 75mg

up to 5kg 1 Capsule a day

5 - 10kg 2 Capsules a day


Zylkene 225mg

10 - 15kg 1 Capsule a day

15 - 30kg 2 Capsules a day


Zylkene 450mg

15 - 30kg 1 Capsule a day

30 - 60kg 2 Capsules a day

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